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Your money moves the world

Unfortunately, one does not talk about money. Therefore, we often forget what our money can do. Every Euro contains the power to shape the world according to our wishes, and invest in a future worth living. Every monetary contribution has an impact on society: the buying of food from ecological agriculture, the use of eco-friendly electricity, and a donation to a charitable organisation are more than just symbolic gestures.

We are firmly convinced that a modern society can exist in harmony with nature. Therefore, we want to start a small-scale experiment of our concept in the near future, which will act as an ecological showcase to inspire people to shift their paradigm. You are very welcome to support our endeavour financially.

Bank details

Account name: Equilibrismus e. V.
Account number: 8212873600
Bank: GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG
IBAN: DE67430609678212873600

Our donation account was purposely opened with the social-ecological GLS Bank. Thus we make sure that your donations are used meaningfully every step of the way.



Equilibrismus-Gründer Eric Bihl im Interview
9:06 Minuten | 8,33 MB

Roman-Autor Dirk C. Fleck im Gespräch
7:12 Minuten | 6,61 MB

Quelle: detektor.fm

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