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The idea becomes reality

Concept and fiction are not enough. The next step is a practical small-scale test à la the Tahiti project. Such an ecological showcase will prove that our modern society can live in harmony with nature without having to relinquish quality of life.

Currently, equilibrists led by Eric Bihl and Volker Freystedt are examining the candidate regions. The best possibilities are independent islands which have a manageable economic space and show political and social stability, and are also able to master ecological and economic problems. Private islands and extraterritorial areas are also alternatives to be considered.

Together with experts of the individual social-ecological alternatives and students of various universities, the area is first cleared of existing pollution and waste, which is disposed of in an ecologically-compatible way. Following that, nothing will stand in the way of the experiment itself:

The five foundations of modern life…

  • Energy,
  • Mobility,
  • Housing,
  • Clothing and
  • Food

… are created in harmony with nature and the regional economic cycles. This process involves choosing from a multitude of available ecological alternatives and applying those which are suitable for the selected experiment region. As soon as these basic needs are met, political and social reforms in the areas of health, education, spirituality, and the reform of money and land can follow.

Up-to-date information about the developments is available via our » blog.



Equilibrismus-Gründer Eric Bihl im Interview
9:06 Minuten | 8,33 MB

Roman-Autor Dirk C. Fleck im Gespräch
7:12 Minuten | 6,61 MB

Quelle: detektor.fm

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