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New concepts instead of reforms

There are innumerable organisations that advocate for the environment or for social justice. They can and do achieve notable successes in their respective areas. In many cases, however, the symptoms form the main focus of their work, not the causes. Often, decades of effort lead only to the conclusion that while partial successes were achieved, the overall negative developments could not be stopped.

For example, the protection of forests is important. But what is the point of it when the prevailing economic order demands unlimited growth along with limited resources? The same applies to the protection of animals. Here, too, it is economic considerations that end up handing us the saw with which we cut off the branch on which we sit. But more and more people are realising that unlimited growth overtaxes us. Increased material prosperity does not necessarily lead to more happiness.

This is why Equilibrism demands more than just reforms. Who bothers renovating a broom closet when the entire house is decrepit and built on sand? It is time to build a new building onto a stable foundation, before the old one collapses. That which has proven useful can be kept, of course. But at a basic level, humans need to consider themselves a part of nature again, and respect its rules.

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Equilibrismus-Gründer Eric Bihl im Interview
9:06 Minuten | 8,33 MB

Roman-Autor Dirk C. Fleck im Gespräch
7:12 Minuten | 6,61 MB

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