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The vision becomes tangible

It is the year 2022. The unending economic growth is devouring the last few green spots on Earth. Conglomerates are preparing for the upcoming battles for important but rare resources. Natural catastrophes, brought about by humans, cause enormous damage and throw large parts of the world into chaos. While humanity threatens to drown in it all, the island nation Tahiti has managed a complete ecological change. Quietly and unnoticed by the rest of the world, a modern society has formed, living in harmony with nature.

Electronic cars made of plant fibers drive along Tahiti’s streets, all energy comes from renewable sources, food is grown in a biologically dynamic way, and most of the buildings are made from hemp concrete. Regional economic systems and the unconditional minimum income have raised the overall prosperity level. No one works because of economic pressure, no business has to grow continually and expand its production. The inhabitants use their increased free time for the building of an expanded democracy and for their own spiritual search for meaning.

This is the premise of the novel “Das Tahiti-Projekt” (The Tahiti Project) by Dirk C. Fleck, published in 2008. The narrative might seem utopian, but in fact, almost all of the described technologies and concepts are already available today. The grand vision behind is equilibrism.

» Continuation: More than just a novel…



Equilibrismus-Gründer Eric Bihl im Interview
9:06 Minuten | 8,33 MB

Roman-Autor Dirk C. Fleck im Gespräch
7:12 Minuten | 6,61 MB

Quelle: detektor.fm

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