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Equilibrismus-Forscher Raphael Mutter: Recherchen auf Tahiti

There are innumerable organisations that advocate for the environment or for social justice. They can and do achieve notable successes in their respective areas. In many cases, however, the symptoms form the main focus of their work, not the causes. Often, decades of effort lead only to the conclusion that while partial successes were achieved, […]


Equilibrismus-Fiktion auf Tour: MAEVA-Lesung in Berlin

It is the year 2022. The unending economic growth is devouring the last few green spots on Earth. Conglomerates are preparing for the upcoming battles for important but rare resources. Natural catastrophes, brought about by humans, cause enormous damage and throw large parts of the world into chaos. While humanity threatens to drown in it […]


Equilibrismus-Vorbild: traditioneller Bau auf Moorea

Concept and fiction are not enough. The next step is a practical small-scale test à la the Tahiti project. Such an ecological showcase will prove that our modern society can live in harmony with nature without having to relinquish quality of life. Currently, equilibrists led by Eric Bihl and Volker Freystedt are examining the candidate […]



Equilibrismus-Gründer Eric Bihl im Interview
9:06 Minuten | 8,33 MB

Roman-Autor Dirk C. Fleck im Gespräch
7:12 Minuten | 6,61 MB

Quelle: detektor.fm

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