• Vision

    New concepts instead of reforms for a world in balance .

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  • Fiction

    The novels of the MAEVA trilogy by Dirk C. Fleck bring the vision to life.

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  • Action

    In a pilot project, we want to bring our model into reality. We are currently searching for a suitable area.

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balance modul

What does equilibrism actually mean?

The word "equilibrism" come from the latin word „aequilibrium“ (Balance) and is a combination of  „aequus“ (equal) and „libra“ (scale). The ropedancers in a circus are called equilibrists. We want to follow their example by never loosing the balance, even in stormy times.

Lord Y. Menuhin

Lord Yehudi Menuhin

One of the biggest supporters of the Equilibrism was Lord Yehudi Menuhin, arguably one of the greatest violinists of the 20th century.

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